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NWSGS Interest Survey Day

We will be distributing 2020-2021 Interest Survey forms at our February 1st meeting.  This is your opportunity to suggest topics that you would be interested in for next year’s schedule.  Our form lists a number of topics that are available or have been suggested over the past months.  However, there is also space for you to suggest topics or speakers that you are interested in.

If you’ve attended a presentation or are aware of one that you think might interest our members please bring any information that you might have (Topic, speaker, when was it presented, where, etc.)

Your opinion counts!


 great news


G.T.S. is coming to NWSGS

Whether you’re new to genealogy or have been collecting genealogy treasures “forever”, you probably have a favorite “tip” that has helped you uncover valuable information or helped you to break through some brick walls. 

It doesn’t matter if you learned them from a presentation or discovered them on your own it’s time to share your TIP with our members.  Come to our Pre-Meeting Presentation at 9:00 AM on Saturday February 1st for our G.T.S. (Genealogy Tip Share) moment.  This is a time for YOU to make a real difference in helping our members.  Be a NWSGS Tip Share Contributor.

Please do one of the following to share your G.T.S.:

1.      Be prepared to discuss your tip with the group. One sample copy to pass if you think it would be helpful.

2.      Bring documentation on a jump/flash drive (Powerpoint, Word, Excel files work great) to project on the screen. Microsoft only, no Mac.

3.      Email documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will prepare it so that it can be viewed on the screen. (Email me if you have any questions).

Tips should be short but detailed enough for members to use.  If you have a more detailed tip please provide the basic information (what information you were looking for; what program/source you used to find it; the final result).  If more details are needed members can either contact you later or perhaps we can schedule a future pre-meeting to discuss it.

It’s that simple.  Thanks for SHARING!



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