Our next meeting will be held at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library on Saturday, May 4th. Please be sure to register by going online at clicking here or by calling 847-392-0100.


Date:   May 4, 2019
Location:   Arlington Heights Memorial Library 
Title:   Processing Family Papers
Presenter:   Tony Burroughs

Description: You inherited old letters, documents, and photographs that were passed down through your family.  What steps should you take to ensure your family papers survive? What preservation techniques can you apply at home?  What supplies do you need? How should these documents be organized and cataloged? This presentation will cover all these issues for the genealogist.

Tony's Bios: Tony Burroughs is founder and CEO of the Center for Black Genealogy. He is an internationally known genealogist who taught genealogy at Chicago State University for fifteen years. Burroughs researched Olympic Gold Medal sprint champion Michael Johnson’s family history and consulted on the Smokey Robinson genealogy, the Oprah Winfrey genealogy, Reverend Al Sharpton-Strom Thurmond genealogy,  African American Lives2Who Do You Think You Are, The Real Family of Jesus and consulted with Chicago Public Schools, New York Public Schools, Chicago City Colleges and Ancestry.com.