In our September meeting, we had a great explanation from Thomas MacEntee of what cloud storage is and how to use it.  Many people are still a bit afraid of storing their research and photos in the cloud.  What are your options?

No External Storage

If you just have your information on your laptop of a desktop computer, there is a very good chance you will have a catastrophic failure and lose your data.  Mechanical storage devices fail.  Hard drives by design are mechanical devices with spinning disks, a drive motor, and moving arms.  Mechanical devices all have a high possibility of failing.  

How long will a hard drive last?  There is a lot of hype about hard drives and how long will they last before they fail.  I can tell you in my own experience, I have purchased new drives, which failed right out of the box.  I have also had some of my hard drives spinning 24/7 for the last 7 years without a hiccup.  So should you worry?  YES.

If you do not have any external back up of your computer data, you are taking a big risk.

Storage Options –

DVD - Many older computers have a DVD/CD writer.  DVD has a low failure rate and can be a very affordable storage device.


Thumb Drives – if you have a USB port on your computer, a thumb drive can be a great option to back up your data.


External Hard Drive - This is another way to store large amounts of data and have the peace of mind that you have your data in more than just one failure point.

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