New Members Survey

We at the Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society are excited that you have chosen to become a member.  We would like to use this survey to learn a little more about you.  Thank you!
Knowing how you heard about us helps us focus our efforts in a particular area.
Knowing the skill level of our members helps us to develop meaningful content for our meetings.
Understanding how long you have been doing research helps us tailor meeting topics.
Do you have a story on what got you interested in genealogy research?
Maybe someone within NWSGS has this same surname in their list.
This information will help us tailor our meetings to the needs of our members.
Help us understand how comfortable you are with computers and computer-based topics.
Helping us to understand what our members use in their genealogy research,
Help us understand what sites our members pay for and what value is obtained from those sites.
Do you use a Cloud service? Which one? Do you use an external hard-drive or thumb drive?
Feel free to tell us anything interesting about you that you wouldn't mind sharing with other members. We would love for others to get to know you too.
Do you love to cook, jump our to airplanes, take pictures...
Did you find you are related to someone famous? Do you have a brick wall that you would like to share with others?
How can NWSGS help you in your genealogy journey?