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Kashubian Language in Canada, the USA and New Zealand

By Stanislôw Frymark, 312 pages (156 pages in English/flip the book for Kashubian). 2020. Non-Fiction.

The ancient language spoken by Kashubians, a true ethnic minority, with West Slavic background from Poland dates back to the 5th and 6th century, would be all but extinct without the efforts of people like Mr. Frymark and many others. Mr. Frymark’s book is a written record of the Kashubians and specifically the language of those who came from that area and settled in Stevens Point and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Winona, Minnesota, Canada, and other parts of the world that would have lost their homeland dialects.

“It is urgently necessary to record what is becoming lost with time and aging of generations”. (Frymark, page 14)

It was not unusual for the immigrant family (1880’s) who came from the Kashubian region on (of what is now known as Poland) the Baltic Sea and southwest of Gdansk, would be looked down upon for not being able to speak “Proper Polish” or by fellow Countrymen, Teachers or Parish Priests when they arrived.  Mr. Frymark explains there are three dialects of Kashubian all with in that region.

This is a unique and rare book about the evolution of the Kashubian Language and Kashubia’s history of. This book is in fact written in both English and Kashubian language.  

This book consists of Field research and interviews. Examples of a simple Kashubian-English dictionary, collected vocabulary from Mr. Frymark’s trips to Canada, New Zealand, USA.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and feel it is the new must have book for anyone who wants a further their understanding of Kashubia and its language.

Mr. Frymark is the author of many other scholarly books, including working with Blanche Krbechek in translating “Life and Adventures of Remus” by Aleksander Majkowski. Mr. Frymarks work was recognized as the best Bachelor work in the 2017/2018 academic year of the Gdansk University.    

Mr. Frymark is making this book available for the cost of shipping ($25.00 or $35.00 depending on how fast you want it delivered via US mail from Poland). Payment may be made by check or cash by sending to: Stanley Frymark, Kaszuba 11, 89-634 Leśno, Poland.

Respectfully submitted 24 Sept 2020 by Nadine Guilbault, Appleton, WI 

Book Review: Kashubian Language in Canada, the USA and New Zealand

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    Thank you for your thoughtful review! I am proud to have received a copy of this book from the owner myself, and I am delighted by the positive attention it is getting.

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