RootsTech Goes Virtual in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual family history conference originally scheduled for February 3–6, 2021, in Salt Lake City, Utah, will now be held online February 25–27, 2021.

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Here are some of the great speakers and topics we have for upcoming meeting. Come meet with us. Guest are always welcome!

Paul Milner – Irish Land Records
Michael D Lacopo – Finding and Using German Church Records
Jeanne Larzalere Bloom – Spreadsheets 101: Excel, The Genealogist’s Underutilized Tool

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As the world recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 virus, some temples are moving into the third phase of the Church’s phased reopening process. Temples in phase 3 of reopening will be able to offer proxy ordinances on a limited basis. As temples enter phase 3, please be aware of the following: You will... Continue Reading → [...]

RootsTech is pleased to announce another addition to the roster of RootsTech Connect 2021 keynote speakers—superstar footballer Diego Lugano. Who Is Diego Lugano? Diego Alfredo Lugano Morena was born in 1980 in Canelones, Uruguay. The only son of Alfredo Lugano and Diana Morena, Diego grew up with five sisters. As a young man, Diego played... Continue Reading → [...]

Have you ever wondered how the 1918 pandemic affected families? Who exactly were the victims, and how did their families cope? With a little help from the BYU Record Linking Lab, you can now find out! Discover who the victims were, where they came from, and who their families were, using the lab’s interactive map... Continue Reading → [...]

RootsTech Connect 2021, a free online family history conference unlike anything you’ve ever seen, is getting closer by the day. One of the most exciting parts of RootsTech is the multiple, phenomenal keynote speakers who participate in the conference. Another inspiring individual is joining the keynote roster—Sunetra Sarker. Who Is Sunetra Sarker? Sunetra Sarker is... Continue Reading → [...]

RootsTech Connect 2021 will be here before you know it, and you won’t want to miss it! The lineup of outstanding keynote speakers this year includes Erick Avari, a 30-year veteran of television, film, and stage. RootsTech Connect takes place on 25–27 February 2021. If you haven’t registered yet, sign up for free! A man... Continue Reading → [...]

It never fails to amaze me when fate joins cousins from across the globe. Yep, it has happened once again and I’m jumping for joy. Johann Rudolpf Muller and his wife, Margretha had several children – among them, two daughters. … Continue reading → [...]

We don’t know Margaretha or Margretha’s birth surname, but we do know that she was born in Switzerland and married Johann Rudolph Muller, probably in Switzerland as well – sometime before the birth of their first child in Grossheppach, Germany … Continue reading → [...]

I want to personally invite everyone to “save the date” for the free presentation I’ve created for the RootsTech DNA Basics Learning Center. Those of you who have attended RootsTech in person in Salt Lake City over the past couple … Continue reading → [...]

I really want to encourage each and every one of you to work and speak “into the silence.” What do I mean by that? When we document something, write something or make something – we do so alone. Just like … Continue reading → [...]

Rudolph Muller lived in Grossheppach, Germany, sometimes known as Heppach, in the 1600s. While Grossheppach is located in the middle of the wine region, as seen in this photo and the village shield, Rudolph didn’t work in the vineyards. Nor … Continue reading → [...]

Outhouses, facilities not in a family home, but rather a separate small structure behind the house, where a person could go to the ‘bathroom’. Such wooden structures started over 500 years ago. It was discovered during the Great Depression, many Americans had no outhouse or only ones in very poor condition and really unsafe. It […] [...]

After the year 2020 and all the problems everyone across the globe faced, we think we have seen it all. No toilet paper available, rationing of some foods and paper supplies, etc existed. However, your grandparents and great grandparents did suffer for several years many hardships during World War 2 years of the early 1940s. […] [...]

The era of Prohibition in the United States began in 1920 and when to 1934) was a strange and hard time for Americans. Some people wanted the stopping of alcoholic beverages and others still wanted liquor so illegal manufacturing and sale of alcohol became a new occupation for many people in the 1920s. All of […] [...]

Find A Grave is an excellent resource where people can look for burial and other final disposition information for their family, friends and famous people. People from all over the world work together, share information, and build an online, virtual cemetery experience. Many of the graves that appear on Find A Grave include a photo […] [...]

Yes, laundry hung out to dry, before modern clothes dryer, always seemed like a laborious, or at least annoying, chore. Work began with the clothes sorted, then washed, hung to dry, folded and put away. Just the washing process was very pains-taking. The first electric washing machine wasn’t invented until 1908, and the first automatic […] [...]

In the past year, MyHeritage has transformed genealogy with our game-changing photo colorization and enhancement features. These features have delighted users all over the world and have been applied to 30 million photos. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of yet another revolutionary photo feature: color restoration, which beautifully restores the colors in faded […] The post Introducing Color Restoration on MyHeritage appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Overview As genealogists, we strive to preserve our family history and share it with our family and the next generations. We’re happy to announce today the release of the MyHeritage Photo Storyteller™ — an important new feature that empowers you to take charge of a critical aspect of preserving your family history — to record […] The post Introducing the MyHeritage Photo Storyteller™ appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Susana Boggs, a 50-year-old doctor’s assistant from Richmond, Texas, was raised without a father. Though her mother never spoke about it, there was a family friend named Nano who sometimes came to Susana’s birthday parties, and her sister suspected that he might have been Susana’s father. However, after Susana turned 12, Nano stopped visiting and […] The post 3% DNA Match Leads Woman to Reunite With Long-lost Father  appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Don Milne is a man on a mission. With his website, Stories Behind the Stars, he seeks to document the stories of all 400,000+ U.S. soldiers whose lives were lost in WWII. We at MyHeritage truly appreciate the difficult but essential work that Don is doing and support his important project. We encourage you to […] The post Stories Behind the Stars: Remembering U.S. WWII Fallen appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

The MyHeritage Team has completed the Dakar Rally, with an overall driving time of 114 hours 49 minutes and 36 seconds. What a ride it has been! We couldn’t be prouder of driver Danny Pearl, and his co-driver, navigator Charly Gotlib — and the rest of the team. Their determination saw them through to the […] The post Congratulations to the MyHeritage Team on Completing the Dakar Rally 2021! appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

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As the end of 2020 has finally happened, now is the time to jot down your 2020 experiences so that your descendants can read about your experiences like we read about our ancestors getting through the 1918 Spain flu epidemic and the depression and World Wars.
And here is my book with lots of tips and tricks to help you get started writing.
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