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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual family history conference originally scheduled for February 3–6, 2021, in Salt Lake City, Utah, will now be held online February 25–27, 2021.

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Jason Kruski – Advanced Polish Research
Tony Burroughs – The Nature of Genealogy
Paul Milne – Irish Land Records

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Stories of African American history and culture are told powerfully and authentically at many black history museums. Some focus on the brutal history of slavery and its legacy of racial violence. Many commemorate the efforts of human rights champions. Most celebrate the resilience, achievements, creative contributions, scholarship, and traditions of African American individuals and communities.... Continue Reading → [...]

If this article caught your eye, you probably have an interest in indexing or in online historical records. Maybe you’ve made indexing a part of your weekly or monthly volunteer efforts. If so, keep up the amazing work! You’re making it possible for people around the world to discover their ancestors and learn more about... Continue Reading → [...]

Wondering how to find the best places to search for your ancestors? Puzzling over where to begin and what to do next? FamilySearch is building and expanding on its Guided Research feature to show you step by step where to go and what to do. Guided Research will lead you to successful results in less... Continue Reading → [...]

Are you looking for more records to advane your family history research? If you have heritage from another country—and many people do!—chances are that just a few generations back, your ancestors’ genealogical records are in a foreign language. To be more accessible, these records will need to be indexed.   If you have not considered... Continue Reading → [...]

Every year, genealogists, family history enthusiasts, and industry-leading companies come together for the largest genealogy conference in the world—RootsTech. It’s truly a genealogist’s dream, with multiple days packed with hundreds of classes, thousands of participants, exciting events, and opportunities to connect with family past and present.  This year, RootsTech looks a little different. To make... Continue Reading → [...]

Did you test with 23andMe prior to August 2017? If you were among the millions of customers who tested in the decade between 2007 and 2017, you tested on the V1-V4 chip. Unfortunately, 23andMe has made the decision to no … Continue reading → [...]

Not that this is confusing or anything. Just sayin’…😊 So, who was Johann Michael Kirsch‘s mother, and was she Adam Greulich’s daughter? I thought this was all settled, but come to find out, it’s not! Maybe I should have named this … Continue reading → [...]

Please accept this invitation to join me this Wednesday, October 21, at 2 PM EST, for the MyHeritage Facebook LIVE event, “How to Use AutoClusters to Analyze Your DNA Matches,” presented by yours truly! Please note that if you can’t … Continue reading → [...]

Twice now, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Kirsch House, or at least that’s what it was called when Jacob Kirsch and his wife, Barbara Drechsel owned the property. Jacob and Barbara were immigrants, both born to German parents … Continue reading → [...]

The Longobards, Lombards, also known as the Long-beards – who were they? Where did they come from? And when? Perhaps more important – are you related to these ancient people? In the paper, Understanding 6th-century barbarian social organizatoin and migration … Continue reading → [...]

No matter where your ancestors grew up, even in a large city, there were decades where each individual had to have basic skills for survival. Countless chores and hard work that were common up until more recent history. These tasks were not only crucial for the survival of the family unit but also provided some […] [...]

23andMe is offering current 23andMe health service customers in the U.S. 23andMe+, a new annual membership. This membership provides customers with exclusive access to genetic reports, as well as new reports and features as they become available throughout the year. Priced at $29/year, 23andMe+ will offer existing customers instant access to 10+ exclusive reports and […] [...]

During World War 2 (1939-1945), it was nation against nation. With Japan attaching the American Pearl Harbor in 1941, anyone who was Japanese in America was looked at as a threat to the nation. So many Japanese-American (even those born in the USA) were placed in special internment camps across the US. That was also […] [...]

With just a few years before the dawn of the 20th century, many things were already changing and becoming ‘modern’ for your ancestors. These new innovations would truly become a part of your ancestors’ lives very soon. Imagine your grandparents or great grandparents and how they may have felt about the new modern items. Many […] [...]

Ancestry’s 2020 ethnicity update is the first time they are dividing results in the UK and Ireland into four populations instead of two. As such, your latest results could include more Scotland in your ethnicity estimates. Over the years, the names of Ancestry’s ethnicity regions for the UK and Ireland have changed, but they’ve always […] [...]

When looking through your old family photos and enhancing the facial features with the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer, you might have noticed an interesting phenomenon. There is often resemblance not only between family members who are genetically related to each other, but also among couples — who, in most cases, aren’t genetically related at all. In […] The post Why Do Couples Often Look Alike? appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

We are pleased to announce the publication of three important Welsh historical record collections on MyHeritage: Wales, Parish Births and Baptisms; Wales, Parish Marriages and Banns; and Wales, Parish Deaths and Burials. The collections consist of 14.8 million indexed historical records and cover over 450 years of Welsh history. High quality scans of the original […] The post MyHeritage Releases Three Historical Record Collections from Wales appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

We’re happy to announce that Mac users with operating systems Catalina and High Sierra can now download and use MyHeritage Family Tree Builder, for free! Enjoyed by millions of users around the world, our family tree software combines innovative technologies with easy-to-use features. We have received frequent requests from users who have one of the […] The post Family Tree Builder Now Available for macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Norwegian historical record collection — Norway Church Records, 1815–1938. The records in this collection were digitized in collaboration with the National Archives of Norway (Arkivverket), and consist of 42.2 million indexed records and high quality scans of the original documents. The records include births & […] The post MyHeritage Releases Major Collection of Historical Norway Church Records, 1815–1938 appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

We’re delighted to announce that MyHeritage users can now easily turn their family photos on MyHeritage into beautiful wall art! We have created a seamless product integration with Mixtiles and arranged for MyHeritage users to receive incredible discounts of up to 50% off when they order multiple prints, plus free worldwide shipping! Watch this short […] The post New: Turn Your MyHeritage Family Photos into Stunning Wall Art appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

NWSGS Facebook Feed

Hello fellow genealogist,

If you are looking for an online data base to find newspapers, check out my Facebook - Finding Lost Ancestors Page regarding Advantage Archives. I have had several successes in finding small town newspapers online.
New records available from MyHeritage.
Hi friends,

I remember someone in the My Heritage SIG wondering how to download load a gedcom file.

Hope this helps you out.

Here's a "freebie" from our friend Thomas MacEntee. Check it out ...
17th century VA, MD, and Southeast Maps 1590-1720 from Library of Virginia webinar Thursday, October 22 looks good!
The Family History Library has upcoming free webinars for German research. The dates for the event start October 24-30. Classes included are:
Resources on FamilySearch for German Research and getting help (Beginner)
Germany: Historical Geography (Intermediate),
Württemberg Family Books (Intermediate),
Using Historical Newspapers to Learn More about your German Ancestors (Intermediate)
and four FUN and INFORMATIVE days of German Handwriting.

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