JAN 14 the Norman Conquest 1169
FEB 11 Desmond Rebellions and the Tudor Conquest 1563-1603
MAR 1 The Magdelene Laundries
APR 8 The Plantation of Ulster 1609
MAY 13 The Three Patron Saints of Ireland (Brigid, Columcille/Columba, Patrick)
SEP 9 Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland 1649
OCT 14 Grace O’Malley, Pirate Queen
NOV 11 The Religions of Ireland

Williamite Wars 1689 – 1691 and the Treaty of Limerick (cont./result of Nine Years War)
Cumann naBan (the women of the revolution)
Michael Collins bio
Eamon deValera bio
Irish Americans and the War of Independence/Civil War in Ireland