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Apr 01 2021


3:30 pm

Institutions Part I – Hospitals, Sanitariums and Asylums

Thursday, April 1 – 3:30 PM CST

Our April meeting will feature a talk by Madeline Yanov on finding missing ancestors in institutional records … specifically hospitals, sanitariums and asylums. Do you have any family members who mysteriously disappeared and were never seen again? Did you ever hear family rumorsor whispers that Uncle Beau or Grammy wereinstitutionalized or committed to a “lunatic asylum”? Was there any ancestorwho spent time in a sanitarium?  Is it sanatarium or sanitorium?  Madeline Yanov will help guide us through the maze of terms that may have meant something different inthe past than today.  We will learn how to use clues in census records, especially the1880 census, to further investigate if our ancestor was institutionalized.  She will give us tips on where to find these records, and other sources that may give clues as to ancestor’s whereabouts; court records, probate or surrogate records, newspapers and death records.  Your ancestors don’t have to be missing anymore! Madeline Yanov has over 30 years experience researching family histories. Her specialty is American genealogy. However, she will trace client’s ancestors back to Europe and elsewhere. Madeline, the former co-founder MY Genealogy Services, now operates Time Travel Genealogy, a full-service genealogy company emphasizing reasonable, affordable family history research along with document retrieval. She is also available to give genealogy related talks to groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact us at 707-334-0675 or President@gsvb.org if you are interested in attending our ZOOM meeting.

Institutions Part I – Hospitals, Sanitariums and Asylums

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