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Sep 26 2020


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Polish Parish Registers

Sept 26th 12:30 PM

Squeezing Every Drop out of Polish Parish Registers with David Ouimette, CG, CGL, BCG Trustee

To register, email the library at cpl@chicopeepubliclibrary.org. You’ll get the Zoom invitation the day before the program.

This talk is presented and hosted by the PGSMA (Polish Genealogical Society of Massachusetts) and co-hosted by the Chicopee Public Library.

Polish parish registers tell stories about individuals, families and communities. Revealing living conditions, lifestyles, relationships, traditions, religious practices, epidemics, successes, trials, and social history. Genealogists and historians should take time to study parish registers deeply to discover all these amazing records have to offer. Analytical tools and methodologies can help bring these records to life.

This presentation along with the accompanying handout show how to mine Polish parish registers to uncover their enormous genealogical value. Examples are drawn from the records of Wόjtowa, a small farming village in Małopolska. We use original records, genealogical standards, proven research methodologies, and spreadsheet software to squeeze every drop out of Polish parish registers.

CONTACT:  Carol Lynne Bagley  413-594-1800×3  cpl@chicopeepubliclibrary.org
Polish Parish Registers

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