Here is the step by step instruction for adding surnames to the NWSGS Surname Database.

1 – Start by adding your family surname.
2 – Are there any other common spellings of this surname?
3 – Choose the modern day Country from the drop down list. Note: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales are listed under United Kingdom.
4 – If your choice of country was the United States or Canada, then a list of states and provinces will appear.
5 – For the United States you will then be presented with a box for the County, city and community.
6 – For countries outside of the United States you will be presented with a box for States, Districts, Counties, Cities, and communities to describe the area.
7 – Next add the beginning and ending date for that area.
8 – Add any comments about this family surname.
9 – PLEASE DO NOT change any of this information. It is what ties this record to you.
10 – Click the “Submit Form” button when the record is complete.
11 – To add another record click the “Input Next Name” button.

If you would like to input the information in a spreadsheet rather than with the form,


If you have any questions please email