We are excited you have chosen to become a "Paid" member of the Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society.  We hope you find value in your membership and become an active member.

Here is instruction on how to get into the "Paid" membership area of our website.


If you already have a free membership, here are the instructions.

  • Login to your "Free" membership account.
  • In the dropdown menu called "Members Only" choose "Join Us"
  • Click the membership option you have purchased "Single" or "Family"
  • Click "Next"
  • Input the "Coupon Code" from the paper you received at the meeting or in the email.
  • Click "Apply Coupon"
  • This will take the price down to $0
  • Click "Submit"

Now you can enjoy all of the "Members Only" content on the website.


If you do not have a current login follow these instructions.


In the top menu bar find the menu item "Members Only" and place your cursor over it and "Join Us" will appear at the bottom of the list. Click "Join Us"

  • A new page will open showing the three types of memberships we offer.
  • Please choose the type of membership you have purchased either the "Single Member Yearly"  or "Family Membership Yearly" option.
  • Click Next
  • Create your new user name (you can not use your email address), input your First and Last names, email address, and choose a new password.
  • choose a user name like you would for any other site.  Example: John Doe could choose a user name of johndoe, jdoe, Felixthecat, or any other name they choose.
  • Your password can be any alphanumeric or special character combination you choose.  such as 1L0veD0gs, 4x!e9dmse,...
  • Look for the box that asks "Do you have a coupon?" and enter the code you received exactly as appears on the paper coupon or in the email.
  • Click the button "Apply Coupon."
  • The coupon will discount the type of Membership down to $0.00 and click "Submit."

You will now have access to all of the great new features of our website!

Please let us know if you have any issues.  You can send feedback or comments to:  admin@nwsgenealogy.org

Thank you!


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