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Lisa Lisson  –  OLD FAMILY PHOTOS – 10 Resources for Dating Old Photographs
Dr. Michael Lacopo – German Genealogy on the Internet
Paula Stuart-Warren – The U.S. National Archives: The Nation’s Attic

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Get yourself a BIG, oversized cuppa java, because this is better than the best soap opera. Yes, really. Know what else? We’ve vindicated Old Man Jacob Dobkins too. At least somewhat. When you’re done reading this, his last will and … Continue reading → [...]

To optimize your DNA tests, each tester needs to take advantage of the features offered by each vendor. In order to do that, we need to perform the following tasks. Upload or create a tree (except at 23andMe who does … Continue reading → [...]

Her full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of the House of Windsor. She was born as Princess Elizabeth of York to The Duke and Duchess of York, later to become King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth. After King … Continue reading → [...]

Elizabeth was Andrew McKee’s wife, but who was she? What do we know about her? I can tell you one thing after researching the details of her life and fleshing out as much as possible – that woman was made … Continue reading → [...]

I’m excited to be presenting for an entire day of DNA on October 1st. You can join in too, because the Orange County Genealogical Society has graciously made this event open to the entire genealogy community via Zoom. You can … Continue reading → [...]

As the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, Ancestry continuously develops new ways for you to learn about yourself through DNA and empowers you to unlock more discoveries about your family history. With evolving DNA science, Ancestry updates its AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate which connects people whose ancestors may have lived in the same […] The post AncestryDNA Announces New Regions and Increased Precision first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

Scientists from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital have created a roadmap of the genetic mutations present in the most common childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).  The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital study is the first to supply a comprehensive view of the genomics of all subtypes of ALL. The work serves as a foundational guide […] The post St. Jude Hospital Found Genetic Mutations In Cancer first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

23andMe released a new report (powered by 23andMe Research) on Fibromyalgia for 23andMe+ members. Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain and tenderness throughout the body. That pain can be intermittent and move to different parts of the body. Fibromyalgia symptoms can also include fatigue, problems sleeping, and difficulty concentrating. Mayo Clinic provides some information about […] The post New 23andMe+ Report on Fibromyalgia first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

Australian National University wrote that the oldest case of a rare genetic condition has been discovered in a 1,000-year-old skeleton from Portugal. Klinefelter syndrome gives men an extra X chromosome. What is Klinefelter Syndrome? Mayo Clinic explains that it is a genetic condition that results when a boy is born with an extra copy of […] The post Oldest Case of Klinefelter Syndrome Discovered first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

In 2004, workers on a construction site in Norwich, England, stumbled upon an 800-year-old well as they prepared the ground for a new shopping center. Inside the well, MyHeritage reported, they uncovered a heartbreaking and chilling sight: the remains of 17 people, including 6 adults and 11 children. A study titled: “Genomes from a medieval mass […] The post DNA Analysis Sheds Light On Victims Of 12th Century Violence first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

For Father’s Day this year, we asked you to send in photos of father-child look-alike pairs in your family. The response was absolutely overwhelming! We received so many beautiful photos and fascinating stories. One of them comes to us from Mervi Rahikainen, who shared the photos and stories of her father and grandfather — who […] The post Behind the Crooked Smile: My Dad & Granddad Are My Heroes appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Millions of people have made amazing discoveries with the MyHeritage DNA test. If you haven’t taken one yet, there’s no time like the present. Our Amazing DNA Sale starts today, which means that you can gain fascinating insights about your origins and order as many kits as you want for an outstanding low price!  Order […] The post Amazing Sale on MyHeritage DNA! appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While language gives us the capability to convey complex and abstract concepts, it is still much easier for our brains to understand certain ideas when they are presented visually. This explains the popularity of infographics in the 21st century. Seeing a graphic representation of data helps […] The post Emma Willard: The 19th-Century Educator Who Drew Magnificent Maps of History appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

MyHeritage user Stephen Drake, 70, from North Carolina, applied for a free MyHeritage DNA kit through our pro bono DNA Quest project in hopes of finding his birth father. A DNA match led him to his father, and he was able to develop a relationship with him and visit him twice before he passed away. […] The post I Found My Dad and Got to Visit Him Twice Before He Passed Away Thanks to DNA… [...]

We’re excited to share that MyHeritage has partnered with Channel 4 and Wonderhood Studios to create the new season of the highly acclaimed docuseries My Grandparents’ War, which premieres in the U.K. this Thursday, September 15th at 9pm GMT on Channel 4. My Grandparents’ War takes some of today’s biggest celebrities on a riveting journey […] The post New Series of My Grandparents’ War, in Partnership With MyHeritage appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Wills can be excellent resources for your genealogy research. But what does it mean when your ancestor isn’t included or received only $1? Let’s take a look at the possibilities and what they mean for your family history. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. What Being Out of the Will Means... The post When Your Ancestor Isn’t in the Will appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Genealogy can be more than just an enjoyable hobby. It can be a way to explore issues like generational trauma. That’s exactly what actor Zachary Levi did in his episode of Who Do You Think You Are. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. Zachary Levi Explores Generational Trauma Unlike some celebrities... The post Healing Through Family History appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

“Who Do You Think You Are” can be not only entertaining and inspiring, but can also show you some good insights into genealogy research… if you look closely. Here’s one important lesson from the Billy Porter episode. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. Who Is Billy Porter? Billy Porter is an... The post What Billy Porter’s WDYTYA Episode Can Teach You appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

The 1950 US Census has helped countless genealogists. However, there’s a portion of the census that many people are overlooking: the enumerator’s notes. Let’s take a look at what they are, where to find them, and how to associate them with the right people. The 1950 Census Enumerator Notes Unlike other federal censuses, the 1950... The post An Overlooked Part of the 1950 Census: The Notes appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Digging into military records can yield an incredible amount of information about our ancestors. (My favorite is my 3rd-great-grandfather’s Civil War pension file. It showed that he married his second wife 12 days after she divorced her previous husband. Yeah, that.) While some records will spell out military service, there are times when we need... The post Clues for Discovering Military Service appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Show Notes: Whether you want to visit the village where your ancestor was born on your next vacation, or you just want to find their records, you’ll need to know the exact place name and location. Professional genealogist Rich Venezia of Rich Roots Genealogy joins me in this video to help us pin down those […] Source [...]

Show Notes: Discover more than 100,000 old family photos on Dead Fred. Founder Joe Bott explains how to find photos of your relatives on this free website. Watch the Video Premiere with Live Chat Show Notes Would you like to find more old family photos? One of the secrets is to search places where other distant […] Source [...]

Listen to Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 268 Episode Show Notes In this episode, Lisa Louise Cooke and Jenny Ashcraft from discuss how to use newspapers to fill in the missing stories in your ancestors’ lives. Jenny shares strategic tips on finding unique information many researchers miss.     Resources Video version and show notes Downloadable […] Source [...]

Show Notes: Discover Sanborn Fire Insurance maps with Julie Stoner of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress. Learn the best search strategies, how to download the Sanborn maps for free, and hidden online resources! Sanborn maps are an invaluable tool for family history because they provide an up-close look at the […] Source [...]

Show Notes: just got a facelift. That means it’s time to revisit this library catalog website and do these 5 important things so you can effectively use it for your genealogy research. Video Premiere with Live Chat Watch Live: Thursday, Spetember 8 at 11:00 am CT  (calculate your time zone)  Three ways to watch: […] Source [...]

Why is it that we, as family historians, often do a poor job of preserving our own personal histories for the generations to come? [...]

As it turns out, there is an incredibly straightforward and comprehensive resource that can tell you exactly what records are available for every county in every state in the United States — and plenty of other geographical areas, too. [...]

Public or private? This is one of the first decisions asks you to make when you create your family tree. Indicating your preferred sharing status is as simple as checking a box, but it’s not a trivial decision. [...]

The 1950 United States Federal Census is set to be released by the National Archives and Records Administration on April 1, 2022. Use this guide to discover how to find and use these fascinating records in your family history research. [...]

The U.S. Census Age Search for years 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 involves restrictions, guidelines, and even fees - but it all might well be worthwhile if it helps you to fill in more recent blanks in your family tree. [...]

Hard-bitten data wranglers know full well that the price you pay for corralling research data into a database is a certain amount of wastage. The grinding boredom of record transcription creates tempting opportunities to doze off, take shortcuts or just make things up. Believe me, I know. So when we started work on the database … Continue reading "They did in their sh_te" [...]

Back in 1998 when we were casting around for a title for the soon-to-be-launched Irish Times ancestry sub-site, one of the suggestions was “Stiffs ‘R Us”. Needless to say, it was vetoed. But it’s always stayed in the back of my mind, awaiting the right moment. And that moment has come. We’ve just launched surname … Continue reading "Stiffs ‘R Us" [...]

The hundredth anniversary of our destruction of the Record Treasury of the Public Record Office of Ireland fell a week ago and the dust has now settled on the launch of, our response to that catastrophe. For the past few years, the project was trailed (“”) as a reconstruction of the collections burnt in … Continue reading "The rabbit-holes outnumber the rabbits" [...]

In Myles na gCopaleen’s wonderful parody of Gaeltacht autobiography, An Beál Bocht (The Poor Mouth), the narrator, Gaeilgeoir Bonaparte O’Coonassa, describes his first day at school. The teacher demands, in English: “Phwat is yer nam?” The response, in Irish, begins: “Bonaparte, son of Michelangelo, son of Peter, son of Owen, son of Thomas’s Sarah, grand-daughter … Continue reading "A needle in a haystack of needles" [...]

I’ve often been publicly sceptical about some of the claims of genetic genealogy. “Ethnicity estimates”, in particular, seem to me about as scientific as the old apartheid test that marked a child as “nie blanke”. Does a pencil fall through their (straight European) hair or catch in their (kinky non-European) hair? University College London’s Department … Continue reading "I had myself a bawl" [...]

LAS VEGAS — When evaluating the best choice for on-demand therapies for off time in Parkinson’s disease, physicians should consider severity of side effects, time to efficacy and patient preference, a presenter stated at BRAINWeek 2022.“There are symptomatic treatments that help the day-to-day disability, and then for Parkinson’s at least, there’s the Holy Grail, the disease-modifying therapies,” Greg Pontone, MD, MHS, director of the Parkinson’s Disease Psychiatric Clinic at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine,… [...]

A chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy produced a response rate of 71% among patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, according to phase 1 study results published in The New England Journal of Medicine.Most patients responded to a single dose of the therapy despite experiencing disease progression after prior B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA)-directed CAR-T, investigators noted.MCARH109 (Juno Therapeutics/Bristol Myers Squibb) is an investigational CAR T-cell therapy that targets G protein–coupled receptor, class C, group 5,… [...]

Surveillance data show increased circulation of enterovirus D68 — or EV-D68 — over the summer in the United States after a period of low circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers reported this week in MMWR.The report also noted an increase in detection of rhinovirus (RV) this past summer.Circulation of EV-D68 in even-numbered years has been linked to spikes in cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) in children.Co-author Kevin C. Ma, PhD, an Epidemic Intelligence Service… [...]

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine offers similar protection against the disease in adolescent patients with and without inflammatory or immune rheumatic conditions, according to data published in Rheumatology.The researchers additionally concluded that immunomodulatory therapy did not impact the vaccine’s effectiveness.“In a recent prospective study that included 20 hospitals in Israel, 17.8% of children hospitalized due to COVID-19 or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) had moderate or severe disease,” Amit Ziv, MD, of the pediatric rheumatology… [...]

Alcohol misuse during adolescence was associated with midlife alcohol misuse and poorer physical health, as well as less satisfaction with life, researchers reported in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.Angela Pascale, a PhD student in the department of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, and colleagues sought to clarify the impact of adolescent alcohol misuse on adult physical health and wellbeing.Pascale and colleagues assessed the direct associations between adolescent alcohol misuse and early midlife physical health and… [...]

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Not all #FamilyHistory stories are happy ones let me tell you the sad tale of Elizabeth Chiddicks Was She Pushed? Did She Jump? Or Did She Fall?… via @chiddickstree #BloggersTribe #Blog #Genealogy #Essex #Ancestry #AncestryHour

Case No. 2748

Another who seems well documented and then disappears. At this rate, I will be fully employed as a sleuth when I finally retire 😉

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