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"Outstanding speakers and such a wonderful value for such a small price!”         “I absolutely love your genealogical society. I feel that it is been the most useful to me of anybody’s.”         “I live in Georgia … your Zoom (meeting) is very helpful.”         “NWSGS has skyrocketed in performance with SIGs, members helping members, and an incredible website and ability to communicate between members.”         “I’m out of state but grew up in NWS area and all my ancestors came to Chicago. I’m glad to find this additional resource.”         “Although I live in California, I joined your society because of the quality of the presentations.”         “Love it, one of the best genealogy groups that I belong too (I have joined ten).”        

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NWSGS Genealogy Dark Stories
Kory Meyerink – Has it Already Been Done? German Compiled Records
Carla Cegielski – Researching Family in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

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Jacques Lor (also L’Or, Laure, Lore, and Lord) was born just a few kilometers from Port-Royal, Acadia, the second oldest of 10 children born to Julien Lor and Anne Charlotte Girouard. In case you’re wondering about the spelling of his … Continue reading → [...]

MyHeritage updates Theories of Family Relativity periodically, and this is your lucky week. MyHeritage updated Theories and new Theories about shared ancestors with your matches may be waiting for you! I received an email that I had new Theories, and when … Continue reading → [...]

I have two things for you today. First, a bit of housekeeping, followed by a fun challenge for June. Housekeeping I try to stay a few articles ahead, with a few in process at all times. Right now, I’ve burned … Continue reading → [...]

Honoré Lor was born on June 17, 1742, in Port Royal, Acadia, to Jacques Lord and Marie Charlotte Bonnevie near what is today Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Fellow Acadian Abraham Bourg baptized Honoré, and his baptism was then registered by … Continue reading → [...]

Several people have asked about different tests at the same DNA testing company. They wondered if matching is affected, meaning whether your matches are different if you have two different tests at the same company. Specifically, they asked if you … Continue reading → [...]

The April meeting of the Thomasville Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) featured a program by Melody Porter about the use of technology in genealogy research. Chapter Regent Charlotte Brown introduced the speaker. Porter’s background is in IT as a software business analyst and project manager but she has been researching her genealogy […] The post Thomasville Chapter DAR Features Technology For Genealogy first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

Dry Tortugas National Park announced the finding of archaeological remains of a 19th century quarantine hospital and cemetery on a submerged island near Garden Key. While only one grave has been identified, historical records indicate that dozens of people, mostly U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Jefferson, may have been buried there. The small quarantine hospital […] The post Underwater Hospital And Cemetery Found At Dry Tortugas first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

The California Reparations Task Force was scheduled to meet on May 6, 2023. The Task Force published documents on Monday, May 1. 2023, indicating it had plans to recommend the state apologize for racism and slavery, and consider “down payments’ of varying amounts to eligible African American residents, Cal Matters reported. The documents, numbering more than […] The post Reparations Task Force Recommends “Down Payments” first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

Last month at RootsTech 2023, MyHeritage announced the release of the cM Explainer, a powerful feature that estimates familiar relationships between DNA Matches. For every DNA Match, cM Explainer provides predictions of possible relationships between the two people, and their respective probabilities.  cM Explainer uses a novel approach that calculates the relationship predictions using age […] The post New Enhancements To cM Explainer first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

23andMe has added finer detail for customers with roots that trace back to four Indigenous Caribbean populations, which include Indigenous ancestry in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Southern Caribbean. The update is part of our continuing work to improve ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers with ancestry from these […] The post 23andMe Adds More Details For Indigenous Caribbean Ancestry first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

We’re excited to announce that MyHeritage DNA is now on sale for the lowest price of the year so far! For a limited time, MyHeritage DNA kits are available for a remarkable $39! Get your MyHeritage DNA kit today Our DNA kits allow you to dive deeper into your family history, connect with relatives you […] The post Discover Your Roots with this Hot DNA Sale at MyHeritage! appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

80 years ago, in May 1943, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) became the first professional baseball league of women. The story of how this league was formed has been immortalized in the film A League of Their Own. Our Research team recently dove into MyHeritage’s vast collection of historical newspapers to learn more […] The post A League of Their Own: The Real Story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League appeared first… [...]

As a genetic genealogist with DNAngels, a nonprofit organization that helps people find their biological family, Aimee Haynes is no stranger to family history research. Order a MyHeritage DNA kit Her great-grandfather Richard had been adopted, and his daughter Carol — Aimee’s grandmother — had always wondered about his origins. In 2014–2015, Aimee began studying […] The post 100 Years After He Was Placed for Adoption as the Product of an Affair, His Descendant Discovered… [...]

As we approach Memorial Day, a time of year dedicated to remembering and honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms, we at MyHeritage believe it’s important to make their stories accessible to all. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that, in honor of Memorial Day, we are […] The post Honoring Our Heroes: Free Access to Military Records on MyHeritage  appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

Great news! We’ve just updated the data for Theory of Family Relativity™, adding millions of new theories to help you uncover how you’re related to your DNA Matches. Theory of Family Relativity™ is a groundbreaking feature that can save you hours of work trying to understand your connection to your DNA Matches. It harnesses billions […] The post New Update to Theory of Family Relativity™ appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

There are countless resources you can use for your family history or genealogy research, but they are a little tough to track down. Sometimes only a few copies exist, and some are literally one of a kind. With, you can search more than 10,000 libraries around the world, all at once, to get closer... The post Using to Find Countless Genealogy Resources appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Family stories abound with tales of being related to someone famous, whether it’s George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, or Elvis. But how do you know if that story is actually true? Here’s a strategy you can use. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. A Common – and Frustrating – Way to Prove... The post Are You Really Related to Someone Famous? appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Wills can be excellent resources for your genealogy research. But what does it mean when your ancestor isn’t included or received only $1? Let’s take a look at the possibilities and what they mean for your family history. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. What Being Out of the Will Means... The post When Your Ancestor Isn’t in the Will appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Genealogy can be more than just an enjoyable hobby. It can be a way to explore issues like generational trauma. That’s exactly what actor Zachary Levi did in his episode of Who Do You Think You Are. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. Zachary Levi Explores Generational Trauma Unlike some celebrities... The post Healing Through Family History appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

“Who Do You Think You Are” can be not only entertaining and inspiring, but can also show you some good insights into genealogy research… if you look closely. Here’s one important lesson from the Billy Porter episode. Click the play button or scroll below to keep reading. Who Is Billy Porter? Billy Porter is an... The post What Billy Porter’s WDYTYA Episode Can Teach You appeared first on Amy Johnson Crow. [...]

Show Notes: A compiled history is kind of like standing on the shoulders of the giants of genealogy that came before you. OK, so maybe they weren’t giants, but they did document what they found and they published it so that you can benefit from it. This means that rather than having to start from scratch, […] Source [...]

Show Notes: How to use Google site search to search a website that doesn’t have a good search engine, or doesn’t have one at all. Google’s Site Search will help you find exactly what you need! This tip comes from the hour-long Premium Membership “Elevenses with Lisa” video called 5 Genealogy Search Hacks. Premium Members […] Source [...]

Show Notes: Google Books is known for having millions of free digitized books. But did you know that it’s also packed with hidden old newspapers? Since newspapers don’t typically appear in your initial search results in Google Books, I’ll show you two ways to filter down to only newspapers. Plus I’ll also show you some of […] Source [...]

Ever-growing access to online records means that many family history researchers aren't taking advantage of physical repositories like they used to. But, as we discuss in this article about the important of offline records, a great deal of what we need to really understand our ancestors still cannot be found digitally. [...]

Whether you're hoping to find the obituary, death or funeral notice of someone dear to you, or to uncover more facts about an ancestor, the following guide will help you locate the records you're looking for. [...]

Yes, free genealogy research is possible. Here's how to avoid spending money on your ancestry research without limiting your family tree. [...]

If you're a beginner to genealogy research and want to know how to find your ancestors you're no doubt asking yourself, “where should I start?” This easy guide will show you just what you need to know in a few easy steps. [...]

Why is it that we, as family historians, often do a poor job of preserving our own personal histories for the generations to come? [...]

IrishGenealogy’s civil records section is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Almost single-handedly, it has revolutionised Irish family history research.  By making almost 16 million births, marriages and deaths open and free, it also enabled whole fields of research – into infant mortality, townland history, occupational history – that had been closed books. So all … Continue reading "IrishGenealogy Search quirks" [...]

We’ve just done a big upgrade to the civil births maps, adding the 8 years 1914 to 1921, to match the civil deaths and marriages already covering those years. So three cheers, claps on the back, pints of shamrock all round. Except … I thought the hair-raising LDS death and marriage transcriptions were the limit. … Continue reading "Bamdvl Zrfzn, I feel your pain" [...]

In Irish research, birth, marriage and death records are most definitely not created equal. State death records capture only incidental family information, births give just a single generation, but a marriage record supplies both fathers’ names and occupations, the couple’s ages, addresses and occupations, their witnesses, the clergyman’s name, the church …  Loads and loads … Continue reading "New marriage maps" [...]

Grief is one of the drivers of genealogy, whether we acknowledge it or not, and a reason why most of us are middle-aged or older: only after losses brought by age do you feel the need to slow the decay involved in forgetting. So grief can be put to use. It can even be beautiful. … Continue reading "Grief and genealogy and ‘The Lost Words’" [...]

Of all the records sources I try to keep track of, by far the slipperiest are gravestone inscriptions. Graveyards change name, vanish and can be impossible to pinpoint. The transcripts themselves can be re-transcribed multiple times, often under different cemetery names, and can be partial, inconsistent and generally annoying. And among gravestone sources there is … Continue reading "Where the bodies are buried" [...]

SAN DIEGO — In this Healio Video Perspective from the ASCRS meeting, Marjan Farid, MD, presents the phase 3 data of CSF-1 0.4% pilocarpine solution from Orasis for the treatment of presbyopia.The cumulative results of the NEAR 1 and NEAR 2 pivotal trials showed an increase of three or more lines of distance corrected near vision in a significant number of patients after instillation of the first daily drop, augmented effect after the second daily… [...]

Data gathered from the Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network showed that some very common influenza symptoms increase with age as others decrease, as did the rates of comorbidities, researchers found.“The Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network (GIHSN) is an international collaboration which offers a unique opportunity to examine influenza presentations and outcomes across settings and age groups,” Melissa K. Andrew, MD, associate professor of medicine at Dalhousie University, told Healio.“Here we were particularly interested in studying… [...]

Net sales at NuVasive Inc increased 5.8% in the first quarter of 2023 compared with the same quarter last year, according to a press release.NuVasive made $307.7 million in net sales, ultimately pulling in a gross profit of $221.3 million. The company said adoption of its new products and higher procedural volumes in the U.S. drove total net sales in 2023.As it did in the fourth quarter of last year, NuVasive forecasted a net sales… [...]

In patients with cardiogenic shock due to acute heart failure, use of a pulmonary artery catheter was associated with reduced risk for in-hospital mortality, according to a retrospective observational study.Manreet K. Kanwar, MD, co-director of the division of heart failure and pulmonary hypertension at the Cardiovascular Institute at Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, and colleagues analyzed 1,055 patients (mean age, 62 years; 70% men) hospitalized between 2019 and 2021 for cardiogenic shock due to acute… [...]

Researchers at UC Davis Health have initiated a clinical trial using stem cells to address swallowing problems associated with tongue injury from cancer treatment.The REVIVE trial will evaluate a new technique where researchers inject stem cells from a biopsy of patient’s thigh muscle into the patient’s tongue. The researchers hypothesize that the stem cells will fuse with existing muscle fibers to strengthen tongue muscles and improve ability to swallow.The trial follows positive data from a… [...]

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