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Carla Cegielski – Mining for Genealogical Treasures in the Internet Archive
Dennis McClendon – Cartographic Tales of Chicago History
Steve Szabados – Your Next Step: Write Your Family History

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Before you read any further – I’m fine. Now. But I wasn’t. I’ve been really debating about whether or not I should write this article. After it was written, I debated about whether I should publish it. It’s one of … Continue reading → [...]

I don’t think that we actively think about our DNA segments as nested ancestors, like Russian Matryoshka dolls, but they are. That’s exactly why segment information is critical for genealogists. Every segment, and every portion of a segment, has an … Continue reading → [...]

You’ve heard of the 3 wise men? Well, I have the 3 mad cats. Let me explain. Sometimes life throws curve balls. For most of December, my husband and I have been living in a hotel with our three wonderful … Continue reading → [...]

It’s that time of the year again when we welcome the next year. 2021 was markedly different than anything that came before. (Is that ever an understatement!) Maybe you had more time for genealogy and spent time researching! So, what … Continue reading → [...]

Just the good news we need to end the year. RootsTech 2022, sponsored by FamilySearch, is entirely virtual and completely free – again. In 2021, over a million people “attended” RootsTech and you can be one of those lucky people … Continue reading → [...]

You may have grown up in a vintage older home that had special features not found in more modern homes. Here are some examples, see if you or your parents or other relatives had such touches in their homes. In the early decades of the 20th century, a special new feature was to have a […] The post Unusual Features of Old Homes first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

It was in the early 1940s that the singer, dancer, actress, Carmen Miranda made waves with her fruit cap piled high with berries and bananas in the musical ‘The Gang’s All Here’ and it later became her trademark costume. But in the early 1960s, fashion designers, started by Charles W. Davis, began creating lady’s dresses, […] The post Fruit Fashions of the Early 1960s first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

The original tiny sets of Polly Pocket Toys were sold for less than a decade, first licensed by small toy company Bluebird in England. The Bluebird company was founded in 1980 with toy creator Torquil Norman’s genius ideas, the first of which was the plastic lunchbox. The first Polly Pocket was created by Chris Wiggs […] The post Polly Pocket Toy first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

The early skyscraper constructed in Manhattan, New York was named the ‘Singer Tower’, for the well-known sewing machine company. It was a 612-foot structure, completed in 1908 and the tallest in the world. The architect was Ernest Flagg, with the unique feature of light entering into the center of the skyscraper. He included Old World […] The post Early American Skyscraper first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

During each historic period, there have been styles in hair, appearance and clothing that were demanded. So it was difficult for your female ancestors to meet the norm, no matter how much money was in the family. Here are some examples of what females had to go through to be proper for their time frame. […] The post Changes for Ladies first appeared on Family Tree. [...]

Strolling around the Sandwich, Massachusetts Bazaar Flea Market on a Wednesday morning in September 2021, I spotted a large book across the way on a seller’s table. An avid collector of ephemera, I hustled over to the table to examine the item. The book, which turned out to be a photo album, was about 2 […] The post The MyHeritage Newspaper Collection Helped Me Identify and Profile the People in a Photo Album from 1890… [...]

Shimron Schiff, from Petah Tikva, Israel, has been researching his genealogy as a hobby since 2013. For his grandmother’s recent 100th birthday celebration, he transformed his research into a very special gift: a sun chart of every one of her 140+ descendants. Here is his story. Genealogy has been my hobby since 2013, when I […] The post We Celebrated Grandma’s 100th with a MyHeritage Sun Chart of Her 140+ Descendants appeared first on MyHeritage… [...]

We’re happy to introduce the new List view for photos on MyHeritage, designed for convenient editing and sorting of the details in your family photos. This will delight our users who love historical photos, especially those who have hundreds, or thousands of photos uploaded. Over the past two years, we’ve released innovative new tools to […] The post New List View for Photos on MyHeritage appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

2021 was an exciting and challenging year. This year we saw private citizens jet off to space, COVID vaccines administered worldwide, major events slated for 2020 that took place a year late, and global supply chain issues that disrupted our lives. Through it all, these past two years have taught us that flexibility and resilience […] The post 2021: MyHeritage Year in Review appeared first on MyHeritage Blog. [...]

At the age of 20, Alejandra Goicoechea was sitting in her psychologist’s office, seeking treatment after a period of unexplained depression, when the psychologist made an earth-shattering suggestion: “I think you’re adopted.” “It hit me hard,” says Alejandra, “because until that moment I hadn’t thought much about it.” But the more she thought about it, […] The post She Learned She Was Adopted, Then Found Her Birth Family. Now, She’s Helping Others Do the Same… [...]

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