By Tom Wilheim

My Heritage SIG Meeting
Northwest Suburban Genealogical Society
Friday, September 18, 2020

Ken Seifert – Moderator
Zoom Participants ≈ 25
Future Meeting times Third Friday of each month @ 2:00 PM, CST

My Heritage Contact
Ken had an email exchange with Daniel Horowitz, My Heritage, representative, and a professional genealogist who is willing to offer guidance for the group on an as-needed basis. During the meeting one question the following question was suggested for follow-up with Daniel: When you get a match, how do you confirm it is a legitimate document?

Member Skills with My Heritage
Zoom participants shared their subscriptions with My Heritage and there was a mix of some members having from no subscriptions to Premium versions. Not surprisingly participants are looking for help for various reasons specific to their tree. Others have little experience and have historically used other genealogy sites such as Ancestry with the idea of using My Heritage to supplement their search efforts.

Generally, DNA at My Heritage seemed a popular topic.

There was a general tour of My Heritage site and more specifically Ken’s family tree. Ken offered various sections of his tree which offered participant’s ideas on how they could create a tree.

One of the topics proposed for future SIG meeting was a “Back to Basics” for My Heritage. Ken provided the location for tutorials on the My Heritage website. Clearly, there was a broad cross-section of skillsets by those participating.

My Heritage SIG Summary

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